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What is JouleFuel?

JouleFuel™ is a nutritional drink derived from whole food sources infused with vitamins and minerals intended to give the body everything it needs to sustain energy. If it simplifies things to think of JouleFuel™ as a meal replacement, then think of it as a meal replacement.

What are the benefits of JouleFuel?

JouleFuel™ is simple, healthy and affordable.

Simple: JouleFuel™ is a powder that can be mixed with water, milk or any fluid of your choice. It frees you from the burden of worrying about meal preparation.

Healthy: Because JouleFuel™ is a nutritional drink derived from whole food sources and enriched with vitamins and minerals, it contains everything we need to keep our bodies functioning in a healthy way.

Affordable: An entire day’s worth of JouleFuel™ often costs less than purchasing a single prepared meal.

Should JouleFuel replace all of my meals?

While it’s likely a person could survive solely on a diet of JouleFuel™, the question is, would you truly want to? There’s a lot of delicious food out there, and dining is often a social activity. We want our customers to enjoy dinners at home, nights out at restaurants and social outings where tasty meals are served. JouleFuel™ is not intended to replace all meals; we like to think of it as a replacement for inconvenient meals. It is really up to you, though. Replace one meal, or replace them all, whatever fits your lifestyle. If you have concerns, it may be wise to consult with your doctor before embarking on the JouleFuel™ lifestyle.

What exactly is an inconvenience meal?

An inconvenient meal is one where you have nothing planned and are therefore likely to cook a tasteless frozen meal, purchase nutritionally empty fast food, or consume anything you can find just to satisfy your hunger and continue about your day. These are the meals that should be replaced with a simple, healthy and affordable option like JouleFuel™.

What is JouleFuel made of?

JouleFuel™ is primarily composed of ground whole foods such as oats, brown rice, almonds and seeds. These whole foods make up roughly 75% of the JouleFuel™ product by weight. The remaining ingredients include a high quality whey protein along with a variety of vitamins and minerals commonly found in multi-vitamins that are essential to everyday nutrition.

Why are whole foods such a major component of JouleFuel?

Whole foods are the most nutrient rich and nutritionally dense foods in existence. There were certainly lower cost options we could have used when creating JouleFuel™, but we couldn’t justify using processed foods or additives, not with how they would have negatively impacted the nutrition value of the end product.

Where does JouleFuel get its protein from?

JouleFuel™’s primary protein source is whey protein derived from milk. Whey is a highly studied and widely consumed source of complete protein. There are also other minor sources of protein such as oats, brown rice and almonds.

What is your primary source of carbohydrates?

JouleFuel™’s carbs come from whole food sources. JouleFuel™ does not contain any maltodextrin, which is commonly found in similar powdered nutritional drinks. Maltodextrin has a very high glycemic index, even higher than pure glucose, and is often a heavily processed food source. One of the main reasons it was important to us to use whole food sources was to avoid additives like maltodextrin.

Does JouleFuel contain added sugars?

JouleFuel™ contains a natural sugar based flavor powder that makes up less than 1% of JouleFuel™ by weight. JouleFuel™ does not contain any artificial sweeteners, maltodextrin or maltodextrin based oil powders.

What is the best way to prepare JouleFuel?

In our opinion, the best way to prepare JouleFuel™ is to blend it with water, almond milk and/or fruit and then refrigerate for a few hours prior to consumption. JouleFuel™ contains very little sugar so adding fruit like banana or berries can add sweetness.

Do I have to prepare JouleFuel with a blender?

It’s best to use a blender when preparing JouleFuel™. It is possible to shake or stir JouleFuel™, but keep in mind that doing so may result in a less smooth beverage.

How often should I consume JouleFuel?

There’s no definitive formula for when or how often to consume JouleFuel™. In our own personal experience, we’ve found that consuming a serving of JouleFuel™ every 2-3 hours helps us maintain consistent energy throughout the day. This prevents us from experiencing the energy swings that can go along with traditional eating.

How much water do I have to drink with JouleFuel?

It’s very important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated regardless of your consumption of JouleFuel™. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 90 oz of fluid for women and 125 oz for men per day.

Do I need to take a multi-vitamin if I'm consuming JouleFuel?

No, JouleFuel™ is fortified with vitamins that fall within the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily value range. If you wish to supplement with additional vitamins, consult a health professional to ensure you are not exceeding the maximum recommend quantity of any vitamins or minerals.

Why does each JouleFuel bag come with 2764 calories (including oil)?

You may have noticed that most other companies that produce these “soylent” type drinks provide a total of only 2000 calories with oil. For an active adult, this is either not enough or barely enough. We formulated JouleFuel™ to meet the needs of our highly active customers. For those of you who don’t need as many calories, your JouleFuel™ supply will simply last you longer, making it an even more affordable nutritional option.

How many servings does each JouleFuel bag contain?

A JouleFuel™ bag contains all of the nutrition an active person would need in one day. We recommend dividing each bag into five servings. The entire bag of JouleFuel™ doesn’t need to be consumed in one day. You can stretch those servings out over as many days as you like, replacing a meal here and there as it fits your lifestyle.

What flavors does JouleFuel come in?

You can order JouleFuel™ in Chocolate, Chocolate Cookies and Cream, Vanilla Cookies and Cream or Vanilla Berry.

Can I lose weight on JouleFuel?

JouleFuel™ is not intended to be a weight loss product. However, in its most basic form the formula for weight management is Calorie Intake – Calories Burned = Net Weight Change. Using a product like JouleFuel™ allows you to easily control your caloric intake. If you have concerns, you should always discuss them with your doctor or a health professional.

Is JouleFuel vegetarian?

Yep. No animals were harmed in the making of JouleFuel™, unless you count the humans who drove themselves crazy trying to perfect the recipe. Please note however that because the main protein is derived from milk, JouleFuel™ is not vegan.