The Scoop on JouleFuel Add-ins

As humans, we always have to tinker, don’t we? We buy a car that we absolutely love … except that it needs a bangin stereo system. The new apartment is perfect … we just need to paint the walls. We always seem to think that something that’s already good can be made better, or perhaps be made more of our own. And for the most part, we’re right.

We carefully designed JouleFuel with the intention of giving you what you need to sustain energy, all from healthy and whole-food derived sources. So JouleFuel on its own with water or milk and a bit of oil is a complete meal. It’s good to go. But can you tinker with it, and make it more your own? Of course you can. We love hearing about the recipes JouleFuel users come up with. If you need a little inspiration, here are some add-ins you might want to consider.

Add-ins for deliciousness
While JouleFuel is, of course, delicious, it’s not a hot fudge milkshake from DQ. If you tried to replace your meals with hot fudge milkshakes, you would be doing a lot of living. Because you would be a lot of person.

When our users ask us for ideas for JouleFuel recipes, we’re quick to recommend healthy add-ins that add a natural touch of sweetness or a boost of flavor. Here are a few favorites:

Frozen or fresh, bananas are delicious, nutritious and great for shake texture and taste.

Just like bananas, toss ‘em in frozen or fresh. Especially yummy paired with Vanilla JouleFuel.

Vanilla JouleFuel + cinnamon + vanilla extract = the healthiest cinnamon bun you’ll ever consume.

Cocoa powder
The unsweetened stuff you use for baking. Full of antioxidants and chocolatey flavor.

Dried peanut butter + Chocolate JouleFuel = party in your mouth, minus those pesky peanut butter calories.

Instant coffee
For you coffee lovers, try tossing a tablespoon of instant coffee in with your favorite JouleFuel flavor for a mocha kick.

Low-fat sour cream
Don’t go crazy with this stuff, but a bit of low-fat sour cream paired with strawberries will give you a hint of cheesecake flavor we think you’ll appreciate.

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