So what exactly is JouleFuel™?

That’s probably your first question. Fair enough. If your first question had been about, say, rocket launches, then we’d be stuck Googling and our explanation probably wouldn’t be all that accurate. But JouleFuel™, that is not only our passion but our company.

JouleFuel™ is a nutritional drink we developed to complement your healthy, active, on-the-go lifestyle. Or to complement the odd day where you’ve got nothing but seven hours of Netflix on your to-do list. Mostly though, JouleFuel™ is something we designed to fit in amongst all the other good decisions you make in a day.

JouleFuel™ is what you’d probably refer to as a meal replacement. It might also be what you’d refer to as “soylent,” unless you’re really into that movie, and then you probably wouldn’t use that name. It’s a nutrient-packed powder you blend with milk or water as well as your fruit of choice, creating a healthy beverage to consume throughout your busy day.

What sets JouleFuel™ apart as a meal replacement is that unlike some of the other brands currently available, JouleFuel™ is largely derived from whole food sources like brown rice, oats, almonds and seeds. Also, JouleFuel™ contains whey protein. JouleFuel™ is infused with vitamins and minerals to help round out its nutritional impact.

To sum it up, JouleFuel™ is what you consume instead of eating another frozen dinner, ordering takeout, or zipping through a drive-thru. It’s an easy way to keep your healthy lifestyle on track and help you make the right choices. It’s simple, healthy and affordable. It’s good.

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