The curse of the inconvenient meal: what it is, and how JouleFuel™ helps you avoid it

If you’ve cruised through our website at all, you’ve probably noticed that we use the term inconvenient meal fairly often. We bring up inconvenient meals so much because we despise them. They’re a pain. And the reason we hate them so much is that they can be so unavoidable. At least they used to be…Before JouleFuel™. But before we get into that, let’s talk about what an inconvenient meal actually is.

Unplanned is inconvenient

The simplest explanation of an inconvenient meal is a meal where you don’t have anything planned. It could be breakfast when you’re late for work and grab whatever’s easy. It could be lunch where you didn’t pack anything so you end up choosing from nearby fast food options. The mid-afternoon when your energy slump hits and you find yourself standing in front of a vending machine. Or dinner where your refrigerator is empty and you don’t have the motivation to go to the grocery store for real food.

Inconvenient meals are unplanned, often rushed, and almost always unhealthy. Not every meal has to be super healthy, of course. Date night at a restaurant or lunch out with your coworkers to celebrate a birthday are not inconvenient meals. But quickly eating three granola bars in your cubicle in between conference calls because you’re starving with no time for lunch? Ah yeah. That’s an inconvenient meal.

The consequences of inconvenience

Not only can inconvenient meals throw your diet off track, they can be costly over time, and can cause energy swings leaving you struggling through your day. In a perfect world, we would all have the time, means and energy to prepare and consume nutritious and delicious meals all the time. But since it’s not a perfect world (where is our personal chef?!) we knew we needed another solution for inconvenient meals.

JouleFuel™ is your answer

Finding a solution for inconvenient meals is one of the reasons that we created JouleFuel™. These are the exact types of meals we recommend you replace with JouleFuel™. Now, you can be sure you’re getting a nutritious and affordable meal replacement that will give you consistent energy to get you through your active day. JouleFuel™ is a convenient meal. We sure think that beats stuffing your face with granola bars, see what you think.

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